The 2012                        Pub Challenge Event
This years event took place on Saturday, July 7th, starting at The Swan & Castle, on possibly the wettest weekend of the year.
This was the forth year of the pub challenge, for a change we abandoned the Monopoly board in favour of the "Oxford Pubs playing cards"
The "Oxford Pubs playing cards" pack was bought from The White Horse in Broad Street and were produced by 'The Pub-Cards Company'.
The Diamond suit consists of pubs around Jericho, Clubs feature pubs around the Cowley and Iffley Roads and St Clements.
The Hearts and Spades suits feature pubs in the center of Oxford.
This year we visited all the pubs featured on the red suits (Diamonds and Hearts) and in 2013 we will visit all the pubs on the black suits (Clubs and Spades). Although the pubs were closer together, involving only 5 to 6 miles of walking, it seemed like more the day after.
All the pubs on the Diamond Suit around Jericho are still there.
The Radcliffe Arms ( 8♦) in Cranham Street, has been renamed The Rickety Press.
Of the pubs depicted on the Hearts Suit in the center of Oxford. Rosie O'Grady's (3♥) in Park End Street, has been renamed The Dukes Cut. The Holly Bush (10♥), off the Botley Road, Bridge Street appears to have closed and will be replaced by the ole favourite, The Kite.
The Eurobar (Q♥), George Street is a cafe 'type' wine bar so will be substituted by The Grapes, also in George Street, this is now owned by The Bath Brewery.
The Brewery Gate (K♥) in St. Thomas Street has closed and will be substituted by The Swan & Castle, a Wetherspoon pub for more Real Ale.
The St. Aldates Tavern (5♥) also appears to be closed and will be replaced by The Bear, Blue Boar Street.
The details of the route and downloadable tick sheet (thanks Mel) is here
         The 2012 Pub Challenge - (Olympiad 26 Pub Relay) - The Photos !
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Arrived : 10:55, Drink(s) consumed - Village Idiot 4.1%, Father Time 5% 



K♥   The Swan and Castle   K♥
The 'Starters', Mel, Simon, John, Nigel, Tim, Mark, Jeremy, Cliff, Steve, Matt, Linda, Darron and Shaun, and Mel took the photo. (Photoshop is a wonderful bit of kit)
Arrived : 11:25, Drink(s) consumed - Village Idiot 4.1%, Black Dog 3.8%

4♥   The Royal Blenheim  4♥
Arrived : 11:50, Drink(s) consumed - Butcombe Bay 4.0%
K♥   The Bear   K♥
Dating from 1242 The Bear is the oldest pub in Oxford. It is also famous for its collection of over 4,500 snippets of club ties, started in the 1952.
Arrived : 12:10, Drink(s) consumed - Goldern Bay 3.8%

2♥   The Old Tom  2♥
Arrived : 12:30, Drink(s) consumed - Beach Blonde 3.7%, Adnams Explorer 4.3%

9♥   The Chequers  9♥
Arrived : 12:55, Drink(s) consumed - Oxford Gold 4.0%, Yorkshire Gold

J♥   The Crown Inn  J♥
Arrived : 13:15, Drink(s) consumed -Samual Smiths, Old Brewery Bitter 4.0%

6♥   The Three Goats Heads  6♥
Arrived : 13.45, Drink(s) consumed - White Horse Bitter 3.7%, Shotover Prospect 3.7%

7♥   The White Horse  7♥
Arrived : 14:05, Drink(s) consumed - Lord of the Rings 4.2%, Turf Tavern 3.9%

A♥   The Turf Tavern  A♥
Arrived : 14:40, Drink(s) consumed - Tyneside Blonde 3.9%, Lamb & Flag Gold

K♦   TheLamb & Flag  K♦

The Lamb & Flag is owned by St John's College and profits fund PHD student scholarships offering Lamb & Flag studentships worth up to £12,000 a year.
Arrived : 115:15, Drink(s) consumed - Trinity 4.0%, Adnams
Q♦   The Rose & Crown  Q♦
Arrived : 15:45, Drink(s) consumed - Gardeners Arms Ale 3.9%
3♦   The Gardener's Arms   3♦
Arrived : 16:15, Drink(s) consumed - Sunchaser 4.1% 

10♦  The Anchor   10♦

Possibly one of the best photos.......thanks Snowy :-)
Arrived : 16:55, Drink(s) consumed - Boondoggle 4.2%  

J♦  The Gardener's Arms   J♦
Arrived : 17:20, Drink(s) consumed - Fortyniner 4.9% 

2♦  The Victoria Arms   2♦
Arrived : 17:45, Drink(s) consumed - Moonlight 4.5% 

8♦   The Rickety Press  8♦
Arrived : 18:10, Drink(s) consumed - Discovery 3.8% 

4♦   The Harcourt Arms   4♦
Arrived : 18:35, Drink(s) consumed - Dizzy Blonde 3.8%, St Edmunds  

7♦   Old Bookbinders   7♦
Arrived : 19:10, Drink(s) consumed - Oxford Gold 4.0% 

5♦   The Jericho Tavern  5♦
Arrived : 19:35, Drink(s) consumed - 6X 4.3% 




6♦   Jude the Obscure   6♦
Arrived : 20:05, Drink(s) consumed - Madgoose 4.2%, Green Demon  

A♦   The Royal Oak  A♦
Arrived : 20:40, Drink(s) consumed -Nicklesons, Madgoose 4.3% 

9♦   Eagle and Child  9♦
Arrived : 21:15, Drink(s) consumed -Barnsey 4.5%, Summer House 3.9% 

Q♥  The Grapes  Q♥
Arrived : 21:50, Drink(s) consumed - London Pride 4.1% 

8♥   The Oxford Retreat  8♥
Arrived : 22:10, Drink(s) consumed - Cumberland Ale 4.0%, Hobgoblin  

3♥  The Dukes Cut  3♥
Arrived : 22:35, Drink(s) consumed - Summer Lightening 5.0% 

10♥  The Kite  10♥
Well another great year, some good pubs and some great beer, surprisingly a lot of Blonde beers this years.
Thanks to every one who took part, I think everyone had a good time.  Photographers were Mel, Matt, Simon, Mark, Snowy and Tim.
Great time recording by Mel and Matt. Here's to next year, 2013, when we do the rest of the pack. Hopefully the sun will come out.
Then to 2014 when we will return to the Monopoly board.
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