The 2013                        Pub Challenge Event

The 2013 Event took place on Saturday 6th July, 2013. The first pub was the Head of the River.
This was the fith year of the pub event and we visited the pubs featured on the black suits of the "Oxford Pubs playing cards"
This pack of cards was bought from The White Horse in Broad Street and were produced by 'The Pub-Cards Company', in 2008.
If you have Google Earth, you can view the route we took here as a Google Earth File. Thanks Mel.

Move mouse over cards to see the pubs that we visited.                        The 2013 Photo Results are Here

The Gloucester Arms has been renamed The White Rabbit, The Goose has reverted back to The Red Lion.
The Brick Works aka The Rat Hole has been renamed The Library and The Hobgoblin has been renamed The Cowley Retreat.
The Cricketers Arm, Iffley Road was closed, and was replaced with The Fir Tree.
The Temple Bar is now a resturant and was replaced by a visit to The Black Swan, Crown Street.
The Turl Bar has closed and was replaced by an old favorite, The Turf Tavern.
The Osney Arms
has closed and was replaced by The Oxford Retreat.

Details of the route are Here and a 2013 Official Souvenir Programme was given out on the day.

        The 2013 Pub Challenge - The Photos !
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Arrived : 10:30, Drink(s) consumed - Fullers Discovery 4.2%, London Pride 4.1% 



10   The Head of the River  10

The 'Starters', To many to name individually. But all there, including the photographer ........
Arrived : 11:20, Drink(s) consumed - Fullers Summer Ale 3.9%  


2   The Bear Inn   2
The Bear Inn is one of the oldest public houses in Oxford, dating back to 1242, the present building dates to circa the 17th century.
Arrived : 11:40, Drink(s) consumed - Fat Sprat Amber 3.8%, Summer Lightening 5% 



3   The Chequers   3
Arrived : 12:00, Drink(s) consumed - Youngs Hummingbird 4.2% 

Q   The Kings Arms   Q
The Kings Arms also claims to be the oldest pub in Oxford, a building has been on this site dating back to 1286, the present building opening in 1607, but rebuilt over the years.
Arrived : 12:20, Drink(s) consumed - Milestone Shine On 4.0%, School of Hop 3.9%

4  The Turf Tavern  4
Arrived : 12:50, Drink(s) consumed - Doombar 4% Lemon Grass 4.0% 

5   The Cape of Good Hope 5

The Group relaxing in the sun, five pubs down, only 21 to go..........
Arrived : 13:15, Drink(s) consumed - Pride of Oxford 4.2% 


4   The Oxford Blue  4
Originally planned as a sports pub, now does rather good food.
Arrived : 13:45, Drink(s) consumed -Nelson's Revenge 4.5% XT1 Blonde 3.8% 

6   The Fir Tree  6

 Lots of lovely real ales in this great pub.
Arrived : 14:10, Drink(s) consumed - Satan's Sister 4.5% Solicitors 4.2% 

K   James Street Tavern  K

Over 10 real ales on tap in this pub, including beers from micro brewery Fishers in Noke.

Arrived : 14:35, Drink(s) consumed - Guiness   Belhaven Black 4.2%

A picture we never thought possible, bless him.
Probably 'recovering' after the gallon
Cliffy had the night before.

9  The Black Swan  9
Arrived : 14:55, Drink(s) consumed - London Pride 4.1% 

3   Bullingdon  3

Not the best of pubs as far as beers go, but good music venue.

Arrived : 15:15, Drink(s) consumed - Hobgoblin 4.5% Jagerbomb Event 

Q The Cowley Retreat Q

The Jagerbomb Event took place here, not many participants, not such a big deal, just made us, OK then, me, forget a few more pubs......
Arrived : 15:50, Drink(s) consumed - Helios 4.2%  
A   The Library  A


Arrived : 16:20, Drink(s) consumed - Isis Pale Ale 4.2% West 3.5%  Trooper 4.8% 
10   The Star  10

Possible one of the best pub pump clip ever. And the sun is still out, great weather day.
Arrived : 16:50, Drink(s) consumed - Le Peloton 4.0% 

7   Port Mohon  7


Arrived : 17:20, Drink(s) consumed - Doombar 4%  

8   The Duke of Edinburgh  8

16 Pubs down, only 10 to do and all looking good, even cool shall we say.
Arrived : 17:45, Drink(s) consumed - Youngs Gold 4.0% 
2   Angel & Grayhound  2
Originally the Oranges & Lemons, best known, by me anyway, for gig by John Otway and Wild Willy Barratt - Really Free
Arrived : 18:20, Drink(s) consumed -Youngs Bitter 3.7% York Guzzler 3.6%  

J   The Half Moon  J


Arrived : 19:10, Drink(s) consumed -Brakspears 3.4%  


CAMRA award winning, independent, traditional British pub in the heart of Oxford. So where is everyone. At the bar then.

6   Far From The Madding Crowd 6  


Arrived : 19:25, Drink(s) consumed - White Horse Bitter 3.6% 

A   The White Rabbit  A


Arrived : 20:00, Drink(s) consumed - Oxford Gold 4.0% Brakspears 3.4% 
8    The Red Lion  8  


Arrived : 20:25, Drink(s) consumed - Darkside 4.0% Water  

9   The Grapes  9


Arrived : 20:25, Drink(s) consumed - Darkside 4.0% Water  

9   The Grapes  9


Arrived : 20:55, Drink(s) consumed - Oxford Gold 4.0%  

7   O'Neils  7


Arrived : 21:25, Drink(s) consumed -Doombar 4% 


Down to the hardcore socialites now.

K   The Oxford Retreat  K


Arrived : 22:00, Drink(s) consumed -Doombar 4% 

J   The Honeypot  J


Arrived : 22:30, Drink(s) consumed - who knows ???

5   The Kite  5


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