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 Pub Challenge Event
This idea came about after discovering the Monopoly pub crawl on the Internet where teams of people visit a pub on all the 26 streets on the original London Monopoly board. Now we come from Oxford and as it happens there is also an Oxford edition of the board. So in 2009 we started.

The Rules

To visit a pub on each of the Oxford Monopoly sites, have a drink in each one of those pubs, all to be completed in one day. Yes, you can drink a pint in each pub, but if you would like to complete the Challenge, then maybe half a pint is more feasible. Off course this is all to have a fun day out, so you don't have to have an alcoholic drink. A good idea is to take some packed lunch with you, there's no time for sitting and having a pub meal. Also drinking a fair bit of water throughout the day could be a good idea as well.
The 2020 Event will take place in Oxford sometime in September. Details soon.

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Wolvercote St Giles Oxford Station St Aldates Cornmarket St Michael at the Northgate The Kassam Stadium The Parks Iffley Road

The Original Route

To go around the route in order that the sites appear on the board might be difficult and may not be do-able in the time. So as most of us live in Kidlington, our first few years starting at the Pear Tree, through Jericho, on to Oxford, up to Headington, down to Cowley, Iffley Road and then finishing back in Oxford.

At some sites there isn't any pubs, so we have chosen the nearest pub. During the research for this, it was surprising how many pubs have closed or changed into night clubs, noodle bars and the like. We are sticking to "proper" pubs, no high class bars or bistros as far as possible. We have taken a few liberties, for example the Kassam Stadium, Oxford United's present stadium, has got a Frankie and Benny's but is about four miles from the center of Oxford. A lot of walking and wasted time on buses, so we have decided to go to a pub near to Oxford United's old football ground, in Headington.

There has been some concerns over the amount of walking, no fears, there are lots of buses and if it comes to the worse, there are always taxis.There are a few options to get to the Peartree roundabout. Bus from Oxford to the Peartree Park and Ride. Bus from Kidlington to Five Mile Drive, a quick walk from here. Or get someone to drive you there. Below are details of the original route back in 2009, It and the pubs have been changed over the years.

Pear Tree Cowley Market Street The Clarendon Centre Broad Street Great Clarendon Street St Thomas Street Folly Bridge Walton Street

Remember, try not to get too drunk and try and behave.

Although pubs welcome trade, they will not be to pleased as a large group of loud drunkards rush in to drink half's, get abusive, fall over, etc, etc. Over large groups would be better to split into smaller groups. It will be nice to finish, and celebrate a good day out and not end up on the 'Go To Jail Square'.

High Street Banbury Road Oxpens Road Headington University of Oxford Gloucester Green Randolph Hotel Ashmolean Museum Chance
Go Start Square

So, to take a walk around the board to see the pubs "Click" on the GO Square opposite.

Or "Click" on the individual site icons above.

Disclaimer and Legal Stuff

Monopoly, Monopoly Logo’s and scans of the Monopoly board are Trademarks and Copyright of Hasbro and are not used for any commercial gain by the owner of this website.
Also please note that this site is not affiliated to any of the pubs on the route or the Monopoly game itself.
The site owner acknowledges that the makers of Monopoly, Hasbro, or the owner of this site, no way encourages drunken and disorderly behavior.
We wish everyone who attempts this challenge to have a great day out. Just remember to stay safe, look after the total shot aways, probably me.
The owner of this site cannot be held responsible for any misdemeanours that may occur as a result of attempting the challenge.
Thanks to Bob, for suggesting at least half of the pubs visited on the first event back in 2009.

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